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 Pratt’s Trucking Service has been serving the Texarkana area for over 50 years. We have worked from day one establishing and maintaining our number one reputation with the local community.

 Our drivers are thoroughly trained, courteous and professional. We believe consistency is key to making any business successful. It must work because after a half a century we are still here and still the name that people call when they need a towing service.

 Hugh Pratt is the founder of the business and he implemented a policy of having a good re pour with his employees. If the workers are happy then it shows on the job. This policy continues everyday.  

 We do local & cross country hauling, load lifts, Tractor & Trailer Repair, Crane Service, Storage Service and much more. All of our employees know their job thoroughly and if you ask them they’ll tell you they love it.

 If you need someone you can trust call Pratt’s Truck Services or just come on by sometime.